Dear friends this site is not going to reflect any thing much about Kamadevan..This is a site just for friends who want to know about Kama. hot stories,pictures & videos.

Still let me give a small introduction about Kamadeva...

Here is a statue of Kama Deva and his wife Rati, the Goddess of sexual desire. Kama Deva is the Hindu god of love. He is said to be the son of Lakshmi and Vishnu. Like Eros/Cupid he carries a bow and shoots arrows to cause people to fall in love.
Call on Kama Deva not only to inspire desire in someone who has captured your attentions, but also to help in an existing relationship that the spark may have gone out of, or to heal sexual dysfunctions.

Here is a good descriptive page with a story about Kama Deva
Kāmadeva (Sanskrit in Devanagari: कामदेव) is the Hindu god of human love or desire. Other names for him include; Atanu (one without a body), Ragavrinta (stalk of passion), Ananga (incorporeal), Kandarpa ("inflamer even of a god") Manmadha (churner of hearts), Manasija (he who is born of mind, a contraction of the Sanskrit phrase Sah Manasah jāta), Madana (intoxicating), Ratikānta (lord of Rati), Pushpavān, Pushpadhanva (one with bow of flowers) or just Kāma ("longing"). Kamadeva, is son of Hindu goddess Sri and, additionally, Pradyumna, Krishna’s son is considered as incarnation of Kamadeva